Company setup and restructuring, company taxation

Real property law, construction law and commercial rental and lease contracts

Employment law and operational codetermination

International and domestic business law

Transactions and acquisitions

Competition law, copyright law, protection of commercial rights

Inheritance law

Insolvency law, advice on restructuring

Tax criminal law

Commercial criminal law


In the context of financial auditing we advise medium-sized companies, publicly-owned companies and financial service providers on all business matters.
We are qualified specialists in particular in the areas of company valuation, due diligence, prospectus checking and accounting (in particular in accordance with IFRS).
We perform statutory and voluntary annual audits on individual company and consolidated annual accounts in accordance with HGB (Commercial Code) and IFRS.

In addition we offer you our services in the areas of foundation audits, merger audits and overindebtedness audits as special audits.
We will also be happy to advise you at a business administration level and to support you with business startup, during the restructuring of your company or in the formulation of a financing concept. In this connection we will also advise you in the event of insolvency.


Conflict is an integral, unavoidable element of human interaction both in the private and professional contexts. When conflicts escalate, it is not unusual to find yourself in court. Ways out of the conflict are sought on the basis of legislation, or rather its interpretation. As a result there is often no winner but always losers and it is not uncommon for all those involved to remain unsatisfied. This even applies where a court or out-of-court settlement has been reached.

The reason for this lies in the fact that, in court, neither does the cause of the underlying problems play a part nor are the real interests of the parties to the conflict studied and discussed. This is where mediation comes in.

Mediation is out-of-court conflict resolution that takes into account all the personal and business aspects of those involved. The parties to the conflict remain autonomous and determine for themselves the content, scale and result of the procedure. This leaves the door open for a face-saving solution that works because those involved have mutually agreed to it.

It is only in this way that one can obtain a clear view of how to objectively tackle the problems and causes of the conflict. This above all is the basis for a good “gut feel” of all those involved at the end of the mediation. Whether a solution will work is not decided by the mind but by the gut.

Our mediators will be happy to assist you in the areas of alternative dispute resolution, conflict management and mediation.

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